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CAPILARTE Hair growth stimulation treatment shampoo

Active ingredients: PilotantumTM complex, ProcapilTM, apple tree stem cell extract, royal basil extract, caffeine, Zincidone, d-panthenol, vitamins E and C, glycerol

    • Stimulates scalp microcirculation and intensely nourishes the cells of hair follicles
    • Stimulates and reinforces hair follicle cells
    • Extends the anagen phase of hair growth
    • Reduces hair loss
    • Stimulates the growth of new, strong hair shafts. Increases hair volume and thickness

Packaging: Bottle 300 ml

CAPILARTE Hair growth and regrowth stimulation treatment serum

  • Intensely nourishes hair follicle cells and extends the anagen phase of hair growth.
  • Protects and regenerates hair follicle cells and improves their vitality
  • Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp thus improving oxygenation of hair matrix
  • Stimulates the growth of new, properly structured hair shafts
  • Increases hair volume and visibly reduces hair loss
  • Inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a hormone responsible for shortening the hair growth phase and miniaturisation of hair follicles
Packaging: Bottle 150 ml

CAPILARTE Strengthening, anti-hair loss shampoo

Active ingredients: PilotantumTM complex, ProcapilTM, cluster bean extract, Zincidone, d-panthenol, vitamins E, C and PP, Lactilglutammato, glycerol

  • Improves hair follicle blood-supply and the condition of follicle-building cells
  • Nourishes and reinforces the root and stimulates its biological activity
  • Extends the hair growth cycle
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Increases hair volume and thickness
  • Recommended for everyday, year-long use
  • Packaging: Bottle 300 ml

CAPILARTE Soothing shampoo for hypersensitive scalp and hair

Active ingredients: d-panthenol, polidocanol, polyquaternium-7, betaine

  • Gently and effectively cleanses scalp and hair
  • Does not affect the physiological balance of the epidermic microbiome
  • Helps maintain correct pH of the scalp
  • Intensely soothes irritation and reduces inflammation
  • Reduces overactivity of the scalp
  • Reduces persistent itching and burning sensation
  • Regenerates the epidermis
  • No SLES and SLS
Packaging: Bottle 300 ml

Ecosoul Total UV Wash-On Sunscreen (236ml)

A sun-block wash that gives you total UV protection from wash to wash!

Revolutionalised the way we apply sunscreen and giving protection from head to toe. Its sweat-proof, rub-proof formula is safe for children, sensitive skin and post procedures.

Speciallly formulated with antioxidants and plant extracts, this formula is safe for all skin types.

  • Wash-to-wash Sun-protection SPF 30 - save you from the tediousness to re-apply sunblock every 4 hourly, this unique formula uses the unique property of oppositely charged encapsulated sunscreen particles, giving you total UV protection from wash to wash.
  • Gentle cleansing and moisturises at the same time - our wash-on sunscreen is enhanced with conditioners and antioxidants, which leaves your skin and hair soft and smooth.
  • Top-to-toe protection - with it’s special cleansing formula, this product can be used as face wash, body wash and even shampoo! A truly top-to-toe cleanser.
  • Hypoallergenic/ Fragrance free - This product is tested hypoallergenic, and suitable for children and adults with sensitive skin.
  • Combining with other Laser therapy - with it hypoallergenic, fragrance free formula, it is possible to use it daily after laser therapy/ chemical peels/ mesotherapy.
HYDRAIN3 Creamy Cleansing Gel (200ml)

Cleanses without causing irritation (no SLS and SLES). High concentration of oleic acid and lecithin improves the lipid barrier of the skin, thus preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Suitable for people suffering from intolerance to traditional cleansing products.

Recommended for sensitive, dry or very dry facial skin.

HYDRAIN3 Hydrating Serum for Face, Neck & Decolletage (30ml)

Contains 15% - the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid allowed in the cosmetics. Skin's moisture level increase by 57% by 15 minutes after application.

Almond oil strengthens the skin natural protective lipid barrier.

HYDRAIN3 Enzyme Peeling (50g)

Gently exfoliates dead epidermal cells. Facilitates the absorbance of skin care products. Does not irritate the skin as much as mechanical peeling. Does not make the skin dry.

The skin needs no rinsing after treatment.

Recommended for gentle cleansing of sensitive and dry skin.

HYDRAIN3 Cream-Gel Ultra Hydrating (50g) - Jar

A lightweight non greasy cream-gel relieves dehydrated skin for up to 48 hours. Restoring vitamins and minerals. The product revitalises the skin, revealing its health and radiance.

HYDRAIN3 Anti-Wrinkle Repair Night Cream (55g)

An integrated at-aging system based on skin hydration. Minimises wrinkles makes the skin tighter and more elastic. Improves skin hydration level stimulates the metabolism, therby promoting skin cell renewal. 15 minutes after application, the hyaluronic acid and high argan oil content causes noticeble improvement.

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